Last updated 28 April 2019.

'Go' kanji Castledine-Barnes Trust

The Castledine-Barnes Trust is a trust set up to assist young Go Players. Its objectives are charitable, but it is not currently registered with the Charity Commissioners as a Charity. Here is a copy of the Trust Deed .

The Trustees are Sue Paterson, Martin Harvey and Toby Manning.


Click here for details of how to contact the Trustees.


Here is some History of the Trust, and its predecessors, the Castledine Trust and the Susan Barnes Trust.

Role of the Trust

The Trust makes grants for the following purposes:- It should be emphasised that in giving a grant the commitment of any young player(s) to Go weighs far more than their playing strength. When attending an adult event, they are expected to conduct themselves in an adult manner.


Applications for support should be made to Sue Paterson (or one of the other Trustees). An Application Form is available here. The Application should state:- Based on this information the Trust may make a grant which is typically between 50% and 90% of the total requirement. (100% grants are very rarely given). All information is treated in confidence, and is only divulged to the three trustees.


Donations should be sent to Sue Paterson at 1 Town Quay, River Road, Arundel BN18 9DF, or handed to one of the Trustees. Cheques should be made payable to the "Castledine-Barnes Trust". The Trust's normal policy is to keep individual donations confidential, but to publicise corporate donations. (Thus a donation from "Joe Bloggs" is confidential, one from the "Much Binding Go Congress" is not.) A list of corporate donations is given here. If you do not wish to follow the above guidlelines (ie you wish to keep a corporate donation confidential, or make an individual donation public) please let us know.


Here is a copy of the most recent accounts of the Trust, and here are the 2014 accounts and the 2012 accounts.

The Trust is completely independent of the British Go Association (BGA). However, it works closely with the BGA; here is the BGA Web Site If you have any comments, please email the webmaster.