'Go' kanji Castledine-Barnes Trust : History

Last updated 28 April 2019.


In 1979 Brian Castledine, President of the British Go Association, died, and a charitable trust was set up in his memory. The Trust aimed to help young go players by providing equipment and supporting attendance at tournaments.

In 1983 Susan Barnes, a stalwart member of the London and Epsom Go Clubs, died in a car accident in Zimbabwe. To commemorate her memory, a separate Trust (but with very similar aims to the Castledine Trust) was set up.

In 2001 the Trustees of the two Trusts decided that it would be administratively convenient to merge the two Trusts. This was done by setting up a third Trust (the Castledine-Barnes Trust), with aims which were compatible with both the Castledine and Susan Barnes Trusts; these two Trusts then donated all their assets to the New Trust, ceased soliciting donations and were effectively closed down.

Brian Castledine

Brian Castledine learnt to play Go when he was working at ICL in Reading during a "Gap" year in 1971/2. In Autumn 1972 he came to St. John's College, Cambridge as a 6 kyu; at Cambridge he became Secretary then President of the Cambridge University Go Society.

After graduating he went to London, and became President of the British Go Association in 1979.